Global climate strikes on September 20 and 27

On September 23, UN Secretary-General António Guterres calls the world leaders for an extra-ordinary climate summit because of the major school strikes for the climate. At this meeting, the FridaysForFuture school strike movement is planning a full week of actions beginning with a global school strike on September 20 and ending with a major strike on September 27, with the movement calling on all adults to participate to pressure politicians to act in the ongoing climate crisis.

Friday, September 20, a global school strike for the climate with children and young people will be held. It launches Global Week For Future which runs September 20-27. It is an action week with strikes, manifestations and actions for the climate around the world following the UN Summit CLIMATE ACTION SUMMIT September 20-23 in New York, in which Greta Thunberg also participates. The week ends with a global strike for the climate on September 27. It is also aimed at workers and adults. The youths at FridaysForFuture invite all adults to participate during Friday afternoon, September 27.

“The young people have already requested change, now the climate crisis demands that the adults do the same,” says Greta Thunberg, an organizer at FridaysForFuture.

The fast-growing FridaysForFuture movement draws its inspiration from the school strike for the climate that Greta Thunberg started on August 20, 2018, three weeks before the Swedish parliamentary election. While Greta Thunberg herself is travelling in the United States to spread the message, the movement is gathering in Sweden to show politicians that it is not content with diffuse commitments. The common message to politicians and holders of both strike days reads:

Limit global temperature rise to below 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels
Follow the Paris Agreement and prove it
Listen to climate research

“The emission curve must drastically point down already next year if we are to have a chance to stay under 1.5 degrees of global warming. But both global emissions and Sweden’s emissions are rising. The politicians must go from word to action now, if we do not want to risk a social collapse, ”says Isabelle Axelsson, an organizer at FridaysForFuture Stockholm.

Already, planning is underway at just over 110 locations in Sweden. From Kiruna in the north to Malmö and Simrishamn in the south. From Tanumshede and Lysekil in the west to Kalix and Visby in the east. During the events in Stockholm, talks will be held by climate scientists and experts, as well as live performances by well-known artists who will show their support.

School strike for the climate September 20 in Stockholm
Kl. 13.00: Collection at the Coin Square for the Climate March to Medborgarplatsen.
Then continued strike and stage arrangement at Medborgarplatsen.

Great strike for the climate September 27 in Stockholm
Kl. 13.00 Collection and stage events at Medborgarplatsen.
Then departure for climate march to Mynttorget.

Contact persons for FridaysForFuture in Sweden:
Isabelle Axelsson- FridaysForFuture organizer Stockholm 072 323 88 29

My Pohankova- FridaysForFuture organizer Stockholm 079 348 24 04

Andreas Magnusson- FridaysForFuture organizer Falun 072 510 13 80

Press photos from previous school strike in Stockholm, photo Anders Hellberg:

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